A little bit churchy…

by sam

Nia and Todd came over today and we had a go at finishing a tune we started over a year ago.

Current working title is Open Wide, but that’s probably going to change. It’s quite folky, with an open tuned guitar part and a very laid back vocal from Nia . We’ve also dropped in some lines parts from my recently acquired Korg MS20, which is lots of fun. Beat is a little bit hip hop / trip hop.

The main part of the tune was finsihed a while back, but we were never happy with the ending. Today I think we nailed it. Nia wrote some lines that repeat and overlap, and we’ve been trying them drenched in reverb. I never thought we’d get the chance to use a cathedral reverb… but this could be the track!

The reverb sounds a bit churchy, but Nia doesn’t.

We now have three new tracks to mix, and a few in pieces still in production. Todd assures me he’ll drop by the blog soon… If anyone starts reading this, we’ll see if Nia’s up for posting every now and then. Check out Nia’s own projects here, she plays live a lot but I’ve yet to have the chance to see her.

Todd’s coming over on Monday and we’re going to have a bash at mixing it, so there may be some new stuff up here very soon.