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Morning Falls EP

Here’s some new music, now available on CD Baby and iTunes etc…

Cities Of Foam 2.0

So here’s an amalgamation of our blog and website. Could we get away with calling it Cities of Foam 2.0? Probably not. What’s new? Banner design from Ben Newman, actually a crop from the EP cover he’s designed for Morning Falls. Listen to all tracks from ‘A Great Day For The Race’ at 128k (although [...]

Trombone, trombone, trombone and a bit more trombone

We’ve spent the last few weekends editing the recording we did with Annie Whitehead, and pulling out the best bits of trombone to use on a new track we’re working on. We’ve tried to give the track a bit of a reggae production, with some big soft bass and laid back trombone and vocal. But [...]

Name is down, but need to perfect the mix

So we decided on ‘Morning Falls’ – it will make sense if you listen to the lyrics of the track… But still haven’t posted it up on myspace, as not we’re 100% on the mix. But as Pete Tong would say, ‘just like Paddington Bear, we’re on the case’ and getting some opinions from a [...]

A little bit churchy…

Nia and Todd came over today and we had a go at finishing a tune we started over a year ago. Current working title is Open Wide, but that’s probably going to change. It’s quite folky, with an open tuned guitar part and a very laid back vocal from Nia . We’ve also dropped in [...]