Morning Falls EP

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When Cities Of Foam dub themselves ‘the slowest band in the World’, you might think they have a point. The release of their excellent debut album, A Great Day For The Race, was quite some time ago after all, and not a jot since.

But the fact that their elusive album follow-up – albeit an EP – is finally here, could, all things considered, be seen as a minor musical miracle.

For theirs isn’t a case of laziness or a lack of ambition or ideas, but rather enforced tardiness: a move from hyper-paced London to famously-horizontal Bristol, the addition of yet more babies to their growing broods, and some serious career ladder moves are some of the life hurdles they’ve cleared over the past few years.

Considering that just one of these could have easily extinguished the musical ambitions of a lesser band, and that finding the focus for anything else could be quite some challenge in itself, it becomes clear that Cities Of Foam undersell themselves somewhat with that old ‘slowest band’ moniker…


Their latest offering is the small but perfectly formed three-track EP, Morning Falls, which features Cities of Foam alongside long-time collaborators, jazz songstress Nia Lynn and the “Sly and Robbie of British brass” Annie Whitehead.

The title track, Morning Falls, is so laid back it’s almost horizontal – intricate acoustic guitar weaves itself around crawling beats bass and bleeps, while Nia’s effortless vocal is a little bit special.

Next up, Princessa is a dubby jazzy hip hoppy electronic type of thing, topped off with an epic trombone solo from Annie Whitehead.

And finally, Sky High Lee brings back the acoustic guitar and adds a little upright bass. With a nod in the direction of Glenn Campbell, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a summer campfire.

The EP comes wrapped in an equally attractive package too, with artwork supplied by super-talented Bristol-based illustrator, Ben Newman.

That should be enough to tide you over… until the second album (some time around 2020).


“Hello from the Northwest state of the U.S. I just found the excellent sounds of “Cities of Foam”, your album “A Great Day for the Race” has been purchased.

“May I say …Thank you so much for the wonderful time spent listening.

“While I may be a 78 year old, I care about the Fresh and Exciting tones of today. you’ve produced a winner. I can only say, BRILLIANT !”